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Buying property in Belize is a fairly simple process, but make sure you use a Belize real estate professional and attorney recommended by our local office. Or ask our Agents to handle a purchase for you! - Foreigners enjoy the same rights of property ownership as Belizean and can purchase any property as an individual or corporation. Title is held in the same manner as fee simple, or freehold. Property taxes for Belize Real Estate are much lower than you're used to paying, no matter where you live, so don't worry about being stung by outrageous taxes once you've found your dream real estate in Belize. Here, you'll pay hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

Contact us and we will give you the true insights of buying in Belize. Arabella Chambers works with the people to create better neighborhoods and healthier communities!

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Foreigners can purchase to own land in Belize, Freehold.

There is no required permits by G.O.B (Governement of Belize) for any foreigner to invest in real estate in Belize.

A Speculation Tax was implemented in 2002, which is a 5% of the undeveloped value of the land set by the Department of Natural Resources, and applies to property 300 acres and more. This Speculation Land Tax was passed to encourage large land holders to developed their property and not to sit on it to speculate. The property tax and Speculation Tax is due 1st of April of each year.

Property Taxes:

Property tax generally consists of between 1-1.5% of the value set by the Department of Natural Resources.

Property Exchange or Transfer:

Any form of transfer of property; whether sold, exchanged or given by way of a gift, there are closing costs related to these transactions. The charges are certain percentage per transaction.

Purchase of Land by Non-Belizean:

  • Non-Belizean pays 5% of the selling Consideration as a Stamp Duty or Transfer Tax to the GOB (Government of Belize).
  • Recording and Registration fees are minimal.
  • Lawyer's Fee for Legal Services for conveying property is approximately 1-3% of selling consideration. Each individual is entitled to seek its own personal Legal Council.  Approximative closing cost: 8-11% of the selling consideration.


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    STARTING A BANK ACCOUNT IN BELIZE: You need at least two and better three letters from bank, Credit Card Company etc. showing that you have money in the bank and have been paying your bills. To do most of your business in Belize you’ll need about ten Passport size pictures.

    FINANCING:  for foreigners in Belize, Bank loans are generally not available. Some owners/sellers however will finance property sales.

    PASSPORT: You must have a passport to visit Belize. Length of stay is based on getting your passport stamped once a month, going out of the country for one night once every 3 months or getting residence standing that takes about 6 months to a year and costs about $600. US. To work in Belize you need a work permit.