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Who's your sales Team?

Well, it’s simple your team should consist of you and the network of professionals your Agent works with. - Giving you more power. However, it is important to know what advantages your agent has to offer that will place him or her on the map of a bigger cutting edge network. Studies made by the National Association of Realtors in 2006 have showed that more and more buyers are using the net to locate prospective homes and properties around the world.

Is your agent using the right tools to maximize your listings exposure? It is important to network locally. However, many buyers have reported that most listings found on the web where not of true character when viewed on location. Why is that? Because, either they were insufficient high quality pictures provided with the listings or your listing was lost in a pool of listings. Let’s make it easier for you to understand.

What does networking mean in a Realtor's world? 

Networking means that real estate professionals connect with one another by way of their websites. By creating powerful listings and “handshakes”, your listings can be exposed and posted not only on your broker/Agent website but also on the websites of other qualified professionals locally and internationally.  You might think that you have already accomplished that by signing a non-exclusive. However, knowing what his or her marketing, advertising and networking tools are could save you a lot of time and procure you with higher return. So, if your agent does network is his/her network connected to the busiest real estate marketplaces? 

For example: If you have the best sirloin in town, would you like it to be posted in the classified selling leftovers for soup stock? Every listing to me is of the same high importance and I meant no offence by my example. However, the importance of knowing how to target and put your listing(s) within the right audience view is crucial to your listings success. So, is the importance of knowing your agent network. If you would like to read or know more about how we can post and expose your listings to a wider network?

Contact us it will be our pleasure to share with you the REAL key factors of a quick property sale.

Looking forward to working for you!

"Profit occurs when preparation and experience meet opportunity."

When it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed.

Start with the resources I’ve provided. There is no charge for this information. These will help get you started in terms of assessing your real estate situation and planning for a stress-free and successful sale.

The real estate market in Belize is volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably.

When you’ve decided to sell, We will be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator. We will work hard to make yours a great sale.

Our Seller's Advantages

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  • Full Exposure of your property or project - Worldwide and countrywide!

  • Access to a wide source of housing resources and services. - all custom tailored for our sellers and buyers needs.

  • Strong business relationships with many real estate professionals; brokers,agents,lawyers,developers, local  and international investors.

  • Access to your listing(s) progress by providing you with personalized password to view your weekly or monthly prospect enquiries and progress report of your projects.

  • Access to many other real estate resources for all your project needs. -Property management, drafting of master plans, full management of your projects from the initial concept to the complete sale of all your project homes or subdivisions.

  • Access to professionals with ethics and over 15 years experience in project development, home design and building.

Now, who will you choose to hire.... to represent you? Call us or visit our office and see how these could easily be your key ingredients to successful team work.