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Steps to acquire Import Permit for bringing your pets to Belize

Here are the steps to acquire import permit application for the importation of dogs and cats into Belize.
Go to BAHA'S website

Click on animal health. Here you will see the heading: Entry requirement for dogs and cats into Belize.
Click on Application.
Print, fill out, and fax to 001-501-824-4889.

At BAHA, an import permit will be prepared and faxed to the importer. 
Payment will be payable upon entry ($75.00 BZ to cover cost of permit and fax).

Import conditions calls for a Veterinary Health Certificate and records indicating that dog is current with vaccinations ( Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis).

 Entry Requirements for Bringing Dogs and Cats into Belize 

 1.     Valid import permits from BAHA. Applications can be submitted at any BAHA office. Where the permit and conditions are faxed outside Belize, which is payable upon entry - this permit bears a stamp stating 'pay upon entry".

2.     Meet conditions of importation that accompany import permit.

(A) must have a recent veterinary certificate of health (14 days)
(B) must have a valid rabies certificate: not less than one month or more than one year prior to the date of importation into Belize. This certificate can be included in the veterinary certificate.
(C) Other conditions as specified.

3.     Dogs and cats which do not meet rabies requirements (as less than three months of age) are to be confined at home until they reach three months of age, at which time the animal must be vaccinated against rabies and confined for an additional 30days.

4.     A BAHA veterinary officer or quarantine officer may inspect animals placed in confinement to verify confinement and rabies vaccination. This cost is to be borne by importer.

5.     Dogs and cats arriving at a port of entry into Belize without a valid permit. In addition, any dog or cat without a valid rabies vaccination will be placed in confinement until its rabies vaccination is valid (any cost associated with this is to be borne by the importer.)

6.     Quarantine inspection at the port of entry is required for all dogs and cats. Dogs and cats coming from countries considered of risk (for example, there is the risk of screwworm in dogs and cats coming from South America) will need to undergo veterinary inspection at the port of entry. There is an additional fee for veterinary inspection.

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