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Moving Guy ClipartAre you thinking of Retiring in Belize?

To many, Belize is the perfect place to retire, by evidence many American, European and Canadian expatriates have chosen to retire here due to our Real Estate prices which are comparatively low and the few restrictions on foreign ownership.

Belize offers attractive package of incentive to retirees. Qualifying persons are exempt from tax on earned income abroad, and may import many personal goods such a car; a boat, household items and even a light aircraft, free of duty. To quality one must be at least 45 years old, and be able to document a monthly income of a least US$2,000.

To see if you qualify and for more details read The Belize Retired Persons Incentive Program or Download your Application Form Here.

In Order to get the latest Information about Retirement, please visit the Official

Belize Cayes
Belize Application procedures for retirement

Applications need to be submitted through an Immigration Consultant licensed in Belize to the Director of the Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Program Unit. The applicant needs to provide a sworn affidavit stating that he/she has reviewed, understood, and agreed to the Program's guidelines and criteria.

Completed application forms require to be submitted with the following supporting documents:

  • passport photographs;
  • character references;
  • birth certificates;
  • marriage certificate (divorce decree where applicable);
  • medical certificate (indicating that the applicant is free form AIDS and other communicable diseases);
  • certified copy of ID card or passport;
  • criminal record certificate;
  • an application form for a Belize passport; and
  • A receipt showing that payment of the registration fees has been made into a Special Fund set up by the Central Bank of Belize for this purpose.
  • Applications are processed by the Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Program Unit, before being sent to the Scrutinizing Committee for review. Applicants are notified of the Scrutinizing Committee's decision within 7 days. Successful applications are sent to the Director of Immigration to prepare a Certificate of Nationalization and a Belize Passport. The Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Program Unit informs successful applicants of a date and time to be sworn in which can be done in Belize or at a Belizean Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate office elsewhere. Successful applicants are entitled to have their spouse and children, below the age of 18 years, registered as citizens of Belize at the same time