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Property Valuation

6400976-a-magnifying-glass-hovering-over-the-words-inspection-centering-on-a-house-with-the-word-home-inside.jpgWith Belize booming real estate market it is crucial to have professional input when valuing your home, land or commercial property to ensure the best price possible.

Many factors influence the price of Belize real estate including location (e.g. beachfront or inland) and nearby amenities (e.g. golf course or marina).

Be sure to contact a local real estate agent for assistance in valuation of your Belize property. Our agents have the experience and the knowledge to advise property owners and are often able to connect them with potential buyers.

Get an instant valuation with Arabella Chambers Limited, plus house prices and selling trends with a property valuation report. Use one if you're buying or selling your home to get the right price, or to sneak a peek at whether a property has gone up or down in value.

Why You Should Not Make Any Major Credit Purchases

Don’t go on a spending spree using credit if you are thinking about buying a home, or in the process of buying a new home. Your mortgage pre-approval is subject to a final evaluation of your financial situation.

Every $100 you pay per month on a credit payment could cost you about $10,000 in home eligibility. For example, a car payment of $300/month could mean that you qualify for $30,000 less in a mortgage.

Even if you have accumulated enough savings, you should consider not making any large purchases until after closing. The last thing you want is to know that you could have purchased a new home had you curbed the urge to spend.