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Anyone looking for quality homes and estates often 
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Belize uses the Belize Dollar (BZD) which is pegged to the US Dollar at USD at USD1 = BZD2. Property value is USD250,000 or BZD500,000.

 Stamp Duty:
Since June 2006, Stamp Duty on transfer of land (or any real estate) has been set at 5% of property value regardless of citizenship. Before, aliens pay a higher rate for stamp duty. The first BZD20,000 of value is not subject to stamp duty.

 Legal Fees:
The use of lawyers for property sale and purchase is optional. Legal fees are negotiable bwtween 1% and 2% of property value.

 General Sales Tax:
A 10% General Sales Tax is imposed on sales of new residential properties.

 Real Estate Agent's Commission:
Real estate agent's commission is typically 7% of purchase price for homes and 10% on land. The commission is typically paid by the seller but can be split between buyer and seller depending upon negotiation.