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Whether you are embarking on a small personal project like your own residence, or a large development project. Arabella Chambers Limited has the expertise and insight to handle the multifaceted needs of Homeowners and Developers. 

Ultimately, our goal is to create high quality buildings, appropriate to their settings while at the same time being extremely functional. We offer a wide range of engineering services - from planning and program development, through design and construction documents, to on-site inspection.


We strive to be the best at what we do!

Personal attention to each job:

Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from at least one of our highly skilled engineers.

Client participation:

To ensure our clients' needs are satisfied we constantly invite our clients to participate and provide input during the design process.  After all it’s our job to make our clients' dream a reality.


Creativity is achieved through a combination of our architectural collective, as well as the input obtained through brainstorming sessions with the client.


The style of our buildings are as unique as our clients. With each new client a new dream becomes reality. Expect style and class that will not fade with the ages. 

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How to Select a Home Builder 

Selecting a good builder is a very important aspect when building your home. There are many good home builders, however finding the right one that fits your needs is the key. How can you a perspective buyer find the right home builder? What qualifications do you need to look for, are key questions in your search.

Selecting a Builder

Listed below are some of the key qualities that we think are imperative in choosing a home builder.

  • Experience - Does the builder have enough experience in building that dream home you have discussed so many times with your family and friends? How many years has the builder been in existence building homes and how many homes were built and what type of homes did the builder build?
  • Integrity - Does the builder have a reputation for building quality homes and is the company financially sound?
  • References - Does the builder have solid references of previous clients?
  • Professionalism - Does the builder have the necessary professionalism to not only work with a number of different personalities in the construction business and business community, but also does the builder have the professionalism in communicating with you as a client?
    Follow-up - Does the builder follow-up in regards to getting back to you with pertinent information concerningyour house?
  • Design and Creativity - Do you like the designs of the homes that the builder has built over the years? Does the builder have the creativity and the architectural knowledge to design that special fireplace, open stairway or other unique architectural designs for your new home and of the country weather needs?
  • Technology - Does the builder keep abreast of the latest technology in the building industry?
  • Chemistry - Do you and the builder have the necessary chemistry that will make building your home a positive and memorable experience?


There are many other qualities to look for in selecting a home builder, however, the above listings are a good start on what to look for. At Arabella Chambers Limited –  We want you to feel comfortable in selecting us as your builder and designer of choice for your New Caribbean Home. We also realize that to be selected as your professional of choice we must have the above qualifications and more.

Visit "Our Team" and “Services" pages for more information on our qualifications and Services.


Builders' Hardware Belize

Builders Hardware - Building Supplies and Construction materials
Builders’ Hardware, centrally located in Belmopan, is your one-stop-shop for building supplies and construction materials. We pride ourselves in customer service, affordable prices, and the largest selection of construction materials around.


Phone: 822-0501/ 822-1071
Location: 160 Constitution Drive, Belmopan



Building in the Tropics

Our construction standards have developed over the years and our homes are consciously designed around the Tropical climate needs, while celebrating the continuous summer of the Caribbean and Belize. The sunny days, cool breezes, spectacular views and the acquired building methods to help minimize the negative aspects of living in the tropics such as the high humidity, the damage of heavy rains and hurricanes has placed us on the list of the utmost desired real estate designers and builders around the Caribbean. We know and understand, what it is that makes a good house and a comfortable home, the first priority on buyers housing requirements list.