Spanish Lookout 50 acres for sale: (Listed 2009-04-30)

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Duck Run III, near Spanish Lookout, Cayo District

MLS®#: ACRE-39

Buying Procedures

If you would like to purchase this property immediately, simply email us to make arrangements and sign a purchase contract, thereafter a 10% earnest money deposit is required to secure the transaction. Within days the title will be ready for transfer into the new ownership, at this time the balance of the purchase price will be due and upon receipt of the funds, it will take the Government Lands Department 4 to 12 weeks to complete registration of your title.

When buying a Belize property, all buyers are responsible for paying the Government stamp duty, which is applicable to all land transfers. This is a 5% charge on the purchase price with the first US$10, 000 being exempted. This is the same percentage paid by Belizeans and foreigners. In some cases, there may be additional costs and such extras would be based on your transaction type or location at the time of your purchase.



1.    Deposit/Earnest Money – normally 10% of your purchase price or less based on the purchase value of the property.

2.    Stamp Duty- 5% of the purchase price and payable prior to the transfer of titles. The first 10,000 USD is exempted from tax.

3.    Registration Fee - BZE$30  for registration of the new titles and payable by the buyer to the GOB. Paid by us and included in your privileges when employing Arabella Chambers Limited to represent you as your exclusive Buyer-Agent.

4.    Closing Costs – In our duty to provide you with all required services related with your purchase. Arabella Chambers Limited will carry through the followings for you:

a)    Carrying out of title search

b)    Preparation of transfer of documents

c)    Follow through all steps of the transfer process

d)    Ensure that the correct amount of government “stamp duty” is assessed

e)    Payment of the registration fee

f)     Provision of your title under the new owner’s name,

g)    We will also guide you with the following responsibilities after your title as been issued. such as where to register your new ownership and where to pay your yearly property taxe. 

5.    Bank Charges - When wiring funds into our Broker escrow account. An Additional Bank receiving charge of US$30 will be applicable and added to your closing costs.

6.    Express Mail – Buyers requiring that legal contracts, Titles and/or any important documents be Fed-Ex from Belize will be responsible to pay a charge of US$35-$40. ( the amount will be based on your location).

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  • Arabella Chambers Ltd - Realty
  • Mile 59 George Price Hwy
  • Unitedville Village, Cayo District

Moving to Belize with your Pets!

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Moving Checklist - Planning is key!

The logistics of relocating can be stressful, in order to help keep things straight it is good to have a "Plan". Having a plan in place can assist in preventing unexpected problems from arising and to reduce the overall stress of moving. There are many items to consider in the move from departure to destination. For example, you may need to find a job for your partner, arrange local housing, schooling, medical and banking facilities, transportation and much more. Here are a few items that you may find useful. Download this checklist of items to remember when moving by clicking the link below.  

Cost of Living

The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive country in Central America, yet one of the least expensive in the Caribbean. While there’s truth to that, it really doesn’t take into account that the actual cost of living in Belize can vary from almost nothing to very high.

What are the factors that influence Belize Real Estate prices?

What are the factors that influence Belize Real Estate prices?

  • Location of the property
  • Accessibility to property (major roads highways)
  • Proximity to major towns, villages and shopping centers.
  • Proximity to International Airport and International Import / Export
  • Access to Utilities
  • Qualifications of property (i.e. Commercial, Residential.)
  • Quality of improved or unimproved property
  • Building materials used and finishing touches